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Whatever YOU can imagine — or even what has not been imagined yet — Kristen can create. Combining metal art, and LED light, and even flame effects, she produces beauty, wonder, and inspiration.

Experience Metalphoria
Energizing space with captivating metal art design

Using various recycled metals, a plasma cutter and welding designs Kristen molds these pieces into beautiful works of art. Through grinding techniques, colored dyes and patinas, and powdercoated finishes Kristen brings a new and beautiful life to a discarded piece of recycled metal.

Every piece of art — whether eclectic metal wall art, color changing LED art, a majestic metal sculpture, or alluring fire pit — tells a story. And when you combine all of Kristen's treasured pieces of art, they tell her story.

Please check out Kristen's artist statement, her biography and her process of creating the work.

Art Shows and Events
  • ------- Jan 13th ------- Seconds Sale

    This is a chance to shop for some slighting damaged art that might include some imperfections. I will have lots of metal pieces and there are many ceramic and glass artists too. This show is so popular people campout in line early in the morning to get the best selection of pieces. Sat. January 13th 10am-2pm Mckinley Park 3333 Mckinely Blvd, at the Shepards Art Center.
    Event Starts 01/13/18

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Artist Statement

Artist Statement

From the polished exterior, rich colors and patinas, to the dynamic personality, and subtle details,… to the brilliance, the unmistakable contrasts, and the magical shadows of light I am channel for a universal source. My life's purpose is to create beauty and inspiration.. This is me — this is Kristen Hoard. A creative thinker, a designer, a sculptor, an artist, a magician of metal, light, and fire.

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Biography - Find out how Kristen got started on her artistic journey

Biography - Find out how Kristen got started on her artistic journey

From humble beginnings, to designing an elaborate fire pit for the famous Las Vegas duo of Siegfried and Roy, Kristen Hoard's passion and talent surrounding metal sculpting has reached a pinnacle of metal art design.. And yet she's just getting started.

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Process:   Learn how Kristen does her magic

Process: Learn how Kristen does her magic

Kristen's uses her favorite tool… the plasma cutter to create these designs… putting them altogether with the welder and then adding color with patinas and dyes and resn. Sometimes combining clay, enamel, copper, steel, and aluminum… really anything in her shop she lets the muse take her on a journey for each piece.

Go behind the scenes
  • ..meticulously executed.

    All the projects came in on time, on Budget & meticulously executed.

    Needless to say that I was quite pleased with the interactions that we were engaged in for work done by Ms. Hoard.

    Thomas Roth Commercial Developer
  • Kristen is easy to work with, is very creative and responds well to ideas

    “When we were renovating our backyard and swimming pool I wanted to add a fire sculpture as focal point. so I started searching the internet for artists who were creating such sculptures. I found the website of Kristen Hoard and liked her work including the LED artwork. An email to her followed by several phone conversation resulted in my commissioning her to do a fire sculpture with LED lights. The result was absolutely beautiful. Kristen is easy to work with, is very creative and responds well to ideas and the location where the artwork eventually gets placed. Even though our sculpture is pretty tall, it could be shipped and installed by my handymen without difficulties."

    Gudrun Frueling - Las Vegas, NV
  • Kristen not only follows through she DELIVERS!

    "as the owner of an art gallery I quickly realized which of the artists I showcased would be able to follow through with a commission request. Kristen not only follows through she DELIVERS! She truly listens to the needs/wants of a client and gives them all they hoped for and more. She keeps the excitement building throughout the construction of the art piece by including the buyer in the process. She is timely, professional and FUN!"

    Clare Bailey - Sacramento, CA 2110 Gallery
  • She saw everything through flawlessly from the beginning designs to complete installation

    "Working with Kristen Hoard has been a true pleasure. I love art and I have passionate ideas. But when I decided I wanted original artwork as the focus of my bathroom remodel, I could only get as far as knowing the feeling that I wanted but not how to execute it. I have several small pieces of Kristen's in my home and garden and I knew I loved her use of color and metal and fire. Kristen really listened to me and brought my elementary ideas to amazing fruition. She turned my small bathroom into an absolute spa. Her designs are amazing. And she saw everything through flawlessly from the beginning designs to complete installation. And the only surprises were how beautiful everything came out – no shocks about budget or missed deadlines".

    Catherine Kelly Baird - Sacramento, CA
  • The service I received was absolutely first class.

    I recently ordered two pieces of 'metal art work' from Kristen's website. The service I received was absolutely first class. Kristen is a talented artist who listens to her clients and delivers exactly what is required. I am truly delighted with my art work, the detail, colouring and overall 'look and finish' is exceptional. I would definitely recommend to my friends and family. I love both pieces, and will be ordering again, for sure. is a professional organisation, offering excellent quality and bespoke items at great value for money.

    Thank you very much indeed!

    Karen Holland Coventry, Warwickshire (United Kingdom)
  • She transcended the original work in multiple dimensions

    "We had a space in our home that needed a strong vertical presence and had a lot of space to fill. Kristen saw the space and created a variation of her 'River of Possibilities' that not only fit the bill but she transcended the original work in multiple dimensions (see the video on YouTube) and created a work that amazes all who see it and keeps us captivated on many an evening."

    Mark Schroeder San Carlos, California
  • Kristen was exceptional to work with.. I love the piece she created for us.

    I was fortunate to find Kristen's while searching for metal artists on the internet. After viewing her portfolio, i knew at once i wanted her to create a custom piece for my husband's Christmas gift.

    Five years ago, my husband almost died in a quad accident. Although he recovered, I held on to his crutches to commemorate the miracle of a life saved. I had always planned to have the crutches made into a piece of art as a reminder.

    Kristen was exceptional to work with. She took the crutches and my scattered ideas and created something special. She communicated with me throughout the entire process and included me in the creative decisions. I love the piece she created for us. Who knew that crutches could be so beautiful?

    Kindy Mccullough

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