Into the Light

Into the Light

More stories to inspire Metalphoria
In Progress: New Metal Sculpture in the Works

New LED art Light Art

So excited about this piece... made from a recycled satellite dish with color changing LED lights.

The Artist Life: Mischief & Mayhem

Wise words from Picasso

I do find that solitude brings me great moments of inspiration and growth.

In Progress: New Metal Sculpture in the Works

New LED lamps from recycled motorcycle exhausts!

Kristen Hoard created these cool LED light art lamps from recycled motorcycle exhausts. They have color changing lights in them and create cool patterns on the walls.

The Artist Life: Mischief & Mayhem

Keep on moving along!

Persevering and making it work even with a broken ankle!

In Progress: New Metal Sculpture in the Works

Video of "Manifestation" LED Metal Wall Art

This is a video showing the color changing LED lighting in one of my pieces called "Manifestation." This was made from a piece of recycled aluminum.

In Progress: New Metal Sculpture in the Works

LED art lighted metal wall art

I took this shot from below this piece... it is 68" inches long and has color changing LED lights.

Custom Metal Design & Commissions

Finished Commission Metal Wall Art Piece.

Finished commission installed in the clients bathroom... looks fantastic and they were very happy with the piece.


Art that heals the soul...

The other day I ran into a woman at a local restaurant and she introduced me to her partner as "the one who made the angels"… She was referring to the figures in my public sculpture piece in the roundabout at S and 26th.

Custom Metal Design & Commissions

Babalicious - Babs gets a makeover!

​My truck BABS got tagged with graffiti recently and I had to do something about the big white target so that it would stop.


Recycled Metal Sculpture... the beginning.

RETROspective... retro being the operative word here... I visited a long time friend who has my very first piece of metal sculpture made from recycled metal... from my first welding class at The Crucible... the assignment was to use ONE ...


Underground Trampolines Turn An Abandoned Mine Into A Playground

What a beautiful use of LED lighting! Underground Trampolines Turn An Abandoned Mine Into A Playground -

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About Kristen Hoard

Using recycled metals, raw talent, and endless imagination Kristen creates metal sculptures that inspire, captivate, and energize. Find out more about how she got started and what inspires her to make art.

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  • ------- Jan 13th ------- Seconds Sale

    This is a chance to shop for some slighting damaged art that might include some imperfections. I will have lots of metal pieces and there are many ceramic and glass artists too. This show is so popular people campout in line early in the morning to get the best selection of pieces. Sat. January 13th 10am-2pm Mckinley Park 3333 Mckinely Blvd, at the Shepards Art Center.
    Event Starts 01/13/18
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