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I was selected for an international calendar!

My art was chosen to be on the cover of an internationally published calendar!  It's, even more special because the art was an alcohol ink on metal piece that  I made from the "LIfe Comes Full Circle" series in honor of my mom. 
The piece chosen is called "Mom" and the original was actually given as a gift to her best friend by a group of women that know my mom. So this very special piece lives on in so many ways months after her passing.  I know that my mom is in heaven pulling all these harp springs to keep her magical presence still here on earth and spread her love around.  
I'm in the abstract calendar and there are 2 other calendars and a planner to choose from... each is only $27... they make fantastic gifts and the art can be taken out and framed so it's really an incredible value.
When you go to purchase you can look at all of the art in the calendars and make your choice... the abstract one is my favorite of course... I wonder why. Ha.
Hurry the sale ends November 21st so they can ship in time for Christmas!
Here is a bit more about this very powerful collaboration of 86 female artists.
Have you ever been part of something greater than just you? Like REALLY part of doing something to raise the level of joy and beauty in the world? Please hang with me for a sec…
We are in such a HUGE time of anxiety, fear, and negativity ALL OVER the world, that when the opportunity came up for me to be part of something bigger than myself, I showed UP.
Art is the unique visual story of each artist sharing a story. It’s our perspective. Our unique energy.
Art ISN’T good or bad. Just like Art changes lives, in tiny and huge ways, so when my art was chosen to be part of an international collective of professional artists, I was SO excited.
First, it’s a setup where no one paid upfront, and on the back end, ALL 86 of us WIN. Even those with tiny audiences or small sales. How cool is that? To be part of something TRULY and Win-Win when the world is trying to tear people down everywhere.
But, the undercurrents of this run so much deeper.
We are a tribe of women INTENTIONALLY choosing to show up. SO our art which is the outpouring of our heart can be visible.
We are collectively re-writing the narrative of the “starving artist” by creating a grassroots effort where everyone shares the significance in impacting YOUR lives.
The ripple effect is that this goes from “buying a calendar” to YOU getting to make a difference in ALL these women’s lives. Women following their DREAMS. Then YOU win by witnessing this stunning collection.
We are 86 internationally published artists now.
When you click that “add to cart” button and multiply it by all the friends you can give these to, you are part of our vision to spread beauty all over the globe.
You and your friends will get the impact each day (planner) or month (calendar) of self-supporting artists going against the grain to choose JOY.
To make a contribution bigger than ourselves.

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