My Story

Hello there!

Welcome to my online world of metal art. As you explore my site,  I’m excited to share my journey into metal art with you.

My name is Kristen Hoard, I grew up in Phoenix Arizona with my parents and 3 sisters. I was blessed with a creative and curious mother she always had my three sisters and I immersed in crafts and projects. I vividly remember planning our my birthday parties with fun activities like decorating custom cakes and making decorations for every holiday. This foundation of curiosity and creativity sparked my lifelong love for art. As I got older, my fascination led me to art shows, where I was consistently drawn to metal art. I started my own collection of metal pieces from various artists, which marked the beginning of my deep connection with this medium.

In 2000, a conversation with my psychic friend Andra changed everything. She had a vision of me surrounded by metal sculptures. At the time, she didn’t know about my growing metal art collection. When she visited my home and saw the art I had collected, she clarified, “No, this isn’t what I saw. I saw you surrounded by sculptures YOU made.” This revelation, combined with my passion for metal and a budding desire to create, felt like a nudge from the Universe. I enrolled in welding classes at The Crucible in Oakland, California, and my journey as a metal artist began.

Sourcing raw materials for my classes led me to local scrap yards, where I fell in love with the process of selecting and transforming discarded metal into art. Soon, I bought my own equipment and started working out of my condo, running a giant extension cord from my kitchen to power my welder and plasma cutter. As I scoured the scrap yards of Silicon Valley, I discovered my passion for turning industrial castoffs into art. Realizing my condo wasn’t a sustainable workspace, I found a house in Sacramento with a spacious garage and set up a proper shop.

My artistic journey has evolved through various stages, combining materials and subjects. A significant influence came from attending my first Burning Man in 2005. This monumental art event in the Nevada desert, with its breathtaking art pieces, costumes, and light displays, profoundly impacted my creative perspective. The first metal sculpture I saw there—a two-story woman holding a steel child’s hand, with hair made of chains and fire dripping from her hand—brought tears to my eyes and opened my mind to new artistic possibilities. Inspired, I began incorporating light into my work using fire and specialty neon wire, adding a dynamic dimension to my art that evokes the magic of Burning Man every day.

I'd love for you to check out the links on my website and dive into my world of metal art. Ever thought about joining my awesome group of art collectors? Forget the idea that art is just for the rich—it's something everyone can enjoy and I have a lot of pieces at different price points. If you're curious about my art and want to follow along with my wild art adventurer, sign up for my VIP List to get all the details.

Having art in your life is one of the most inspiring and enriching experiences we can share. I hope you'll come along for the ride, become part of my artistic journey, and perhaps capture a spark of joy.

Love and Light

Kristen Hoard