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Kristen Hoard

LED Art: Art of Possibilities by Kristen Hoard ($1200)

LED Art: Art of Possibilities by Kristen Hoard ($1200)

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Size: 31" x 21"

This piece of LED metal wall art is made from a recycled aluminum silk screen frame and 1/8 in aluminum with a color changing LED light.

It represents the idea that possibility can play a key role in every aspect of our lives. Instead of spiraling downward we can look at every situation for the millions possibilities that await.

I cut the design with a plasma cutter then weld it to the frame… then I grind the metal to a smooth finish and add the textures with various grinders. Then I add the lighting and screw the back onto the backside of the frame.

It has a remote control that controls the lighting, you can choose from any of the 15 colors or have it cycle through all the colors slowly. It has a heavy duty wire and weighs about 20 lbs, you can use a heavy duty 50lb wire hanger to hang it on the wall. The LED lights can run on 8 AA batteries or an AC power cord. The piece can hang either vertically or horizontally.

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