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Kristen Hoard

Allure Salon and Spa

Allure Salon and Spa

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Missy O'Daniel owner of Allure Salon and Spa contacted to help me solve her decor problem.  She was doing a fast remodel to get her salon ready for the re-opening after the pandemic.  She needed a signature piece to represent her salon and bring in the wow factor right as clients walked in the door.  And she needed it fast!  We worked closely together to figure out the design, the technical aspects of hanging it from the ceiling, and most importantly figuring out the right size to fit the space over the couch.  The end result was a 4' x 3' aluminum box with her logo and chasing LED lights with 300 different options.  I utilized a frost plexiglass to make the lighting pop in bright day light. 

If you need a logo for your business please contact me for a free design consultation.  

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