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Kristen Hoard

LED Art: Cosmic Blink by Kristen Hoard ($700)

LED Art: Cosmic Blink by Kristen Hoard ($700)

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Size: 20″ x 20″

This LED wall art takes one into the far reach of the cosmos. The cut out lines represent shooting stars across the night… the internal grinding continues the rays into infinity and beyond!

It has a remote control that controls the lighting, you can choose from any of the 15 colors or have it cycle through all the colors slowly.

This is made from a recycled metal plow blade from a tractor. I get the piece sandblasted then cut the design with a plasma cutter then I grind the metal to a smooth finish. Then I cut the backing and add the textures with various grinders. I color the piece using dyes or patinas and get it powdercoated with a clear gloss. The final step is to add the lighting and batteries.

It has a switch on the back that allows you to turn the LED light on and off and a holder to hold the battery pack of 8 AA batteries. It can also plugin with an AC Adapter. It has a heavy duty wire and weighs about 20 lbs, you can use a heavy duty 50lb wire hanger to hang it on the wall.

NOTE: This piece can be custom made in any color combination.

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